Coffee for Everyone

Coffee is what we do, but you are why we do it. Here at Dynamite, we have a passion for exceptional coffee and a commitment to sustainability and community. Dynamite Roasting Co. has been certified Fair Trade and Organic since day one, all the way back in 2008. It is our mission to provide excellent coffee and excellent service at a great price, whether it be a single cup from our cozy cafe in Black Mountain, or a batch of freshly roasted beans for a customer on the other side of the country. For Dynamite, quality goes beyond the bean; it is about building relationships across every step in the industry, from the farmers that grow the coffee, to the customer who enjoys it in their favorite mug.

Established in 2008 by Andy Gibbon, a former professional beer brewer, barista, and home coffee roasting hobbyist, Dynamite Roasting Co. has been providing high quality, freshly roasted coffee to Western NC and beyond for years. Co-owner Patrick Shaw, a third-generation coffee professional, grew up immersed in his family’s coffee roasting company. He has infused Dynamite with a legacy of generational experience and passion.

Organic and Fair Trade Since Day One

Dynamite is dedicated to crafting high-quality, Fair Trade, and organic certified coffees that you can feel good about drinking. Our mission goes beyond brewing the perfect cup; it’s about supporting our community and the farmers who make it all possible. Dynamite Roasting has been 100% certified organic and fair trade since day one, but we strive to go beyond that. It’s really about relationships. We’re committed to our customers, our growers, and to our environment. Regular visits to coffee origins allow us to connect with farmers, taste exceptional coffees, and nurture lasting partnerships with amazing farmers all over the world. Our commitment to fair trade practices ensures that every cup supports the livelihoods of farmers and their communities, and it means a healthier, longer lasting industry overall.

Producer Relationship

We believe that the heart of a great coffee experience starts long before the brew. It begins with a commitment to nurturing enduring relationships with coffee growers, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their exceptional work and a reliable buying partner year after year. Our collaborations with cooperatives like COMSA in Marcala, Honduras and Tzeltal Tzotzil in Chiapas, Mexico is a testament to this philosophy. For over a decade, we’ve fostered more than a partnership. We’ve cultivated friendships rooted in mutual respect, a shared passion for quality coffee, and a desire for everyone in the supply chain to thrive.

Every year, Dynamite takes multiple trips to origin countries. But these are not only business trips—they’re an annual tradition, where we get to immerse ourselves in the roots of this industry, and hang out with some long-time friends, like Oscar Alonzo and Lennon Diaz. There is nothing like tasting a cup of coffee with the people who grew it, surrounded by the thriving landscape where the beans were grown.

These relationships empower us to bring you a cup that’s not only rich in flavor, but also in global community spirit. We’ve seen so much growth with our partners, not only in the tquality and yield of the coffee crop, but also within their local communities. We’ve witnessed a remarkable amount of growth firsthand, from education and health care, to business opportunities and financial stability. It’s a joy to be part of a partnership that plays such a positive role within the industry. With every sip, you’re joining us in celebrating a legacy of progress and shared success across a long list of communities worldwide.


In 2021, we expanded and grew out of our old space, and built a brand new, state-of-the-art roastery in Swannanoa, North Carolina. Just like our choice to support organic practices in the farms, we made a commitment to sustainability back home. When we built this new facility, we had an array of solar panels installed to offset our footprint and put power back in the grid. You can read more about our philosophy on sustainability here.

Brewing a Better World

Community is at the heart of everything Dynamite does. Through special blends and fundraiser coffees, we’ve raised thousands of dollars for local charities, non-profits, and community groups. Our dedication to making a difference has earned us the honor of being voted Best Coffee Roaster for 11 years in a row in the Mountain Xpress “Best of WNC” reader’s poll. We have a responsibility to our entire community, whether you are a loyal customer, part of our home town, or a coffee-growing partner in another country. At Dynamite, we roast coffee for everyone, whether you are a Western North Carolina local, or halfway across the world.