Location: Las Flores, Marcala, La Paz, Honduras

Altitude: 1630 masl

Varieties: Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, Icatu, Red and Yellow Pache, Pacas Amarillo

Processing: Washed, Natural

Lennon Diaz is a rare breed of coffee producer. He is a grower, processor, roaster, QC expert, and has killer barista skills. He’s dedicated to organic coffee growing and knows how to produce some really amazing coffees. His beautiful property, Finca Liquidambar, is at a very high elevation (about 5400ft) which help his cherries develop slower for more complex and sweet profiles. He uses a neighbor’s wet mill to process his coffee. The high elevation allows for slower/longer fermentation times and a more controlled process. He dries his coffee at the COMSA coop’s wet mill on patios and raised beds (approx. 12 days on patios and 23 on raised beds). Along with coffee he also grows string beans, avocados, strawberries and various citrus fruit. We are excited to be working with Lennon again for a third year. We have two separate lots from Lennon this year, both washed and natural processed coffees. Lennon has become a good friend over the years that we have been sourcing coffees in Honduras. You may have even met him in Asheville brewing his coffee at the Asheville Coffee Expo. It is also noteworthy that Lennon is the only person we know who can jump rope while juggling a soccer ball with his feet.