All-Star Tasting Event Ticket


Enjoy a limited edition chance to learn all about cupping, micro-lots, and our All-Star series, and take home a bag for yourself (included in ticket price)!

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Join us for an exclusive All-Star Cupping Event!

Limited to 10 Slots

Date: Wednesday August 16th, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Price: $30

Location: The Dynamite Roasting Headquarters, 2744 US-70, Swannanoa, NC 28778.

Indulge in a unique coffee experience as we invite you to our All-Star Micro-lot Cupping Event! Dive deep into the world of specialty coffee and embark on a sensory journey like no other.

What’s included:

  • Professional Coffee Cupping: Immerse yourself in the art of cupping guided by our expert coffee connoisseurs. Unleash the flavors, aromas, and nuances of 5 different Micro-Lot coffees from the COMSA Co-op in Honduras.
  • Coffee Education: Discover the stories behind each Micro-Lot and their farmers. Learn about the meticulous process that turns these small batches into coffee treasures.
  • Take-Home Treat: As a token of appreciation, each participant will leave with a bag of their favorite Micro-Lot coffee, so you can continue savoring these limited edition tastes at home.
  • Networking and Fun: Connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts in an intimate setting. Share your love for coffee and forge new connections with like-minded individuals.

Secure your spot now for this one-of-a-kind coffee experience. With only 10 slots available, tickets will sell out fast. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your coffee journey and embrace the world of Micro-Lot coffees.