Finca Cual Bicicleta – Natural Process


Purchased directly from the farm on Dynamite’s annual Honduras sourcing trip, this full-natural process microlot from Oscar Omar Alonzo’s Finca Cual Bicicleta is a true gem. Full of jammy fruit and sugary sweetness, this limited edition coffee is not to be missed.

  • Trapiche, La Paz, Honduras
  • Altitude: 1560 m
  • Varietals: Icatu, Lempira, Noventa, Paranaima
  • Process: Full Natural

Tasting Notes: Berries and Tropical Fruit

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Oscar Omar Alonzo began growing coffee at age 17 on 2 acres of land given to him by his grandmother. After a difficult start, Oscar converted to 100% Organic production and rededicated his farm as “Finca Cual Bicicleta” because “when you ride a bike you have to maintain equilibrium, you have to be careful, never look back, and you don’t pollute”. Dynamite Roasting has purchased microlots from Oscar for 9 years, and visited Cual Bicicleta many times. His enthusiasm for his work is infectious and his coffee is one of the finest in all of Honduras.

  • Light Roast
  • Jammy Fruit, Berries, Sugary Sweet
  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Fair Trade