A complex coffee, with an outstanding balance and subtlety that sets it apart. Sweet cherry notes play against bright citrusy acidity.

Net weight 16oz (One Full Pound!)

  • Marcala, La Paz, Honduras
  • Altitude: 1550 m
  • Varietals: Catuai
  • Process: Honey Process, Sun Dried

Tasting Notes: Citrus, Sweet Cherry

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Gerardo Peñalba, grew up in the middle of coffee production. Since he was little he watched his father work at the farm, he liked the coffee culture and when he married Fátima Maradiaga, they started working on a family project that would allow them to improve the economy of the family. In 2002, he started to plant Bourbon, Catuaí, and Icatu. With the support of COMSA he was able to transition to organic agriculture and began to work on the production of organic fertilizer because he understood that the land needs to be well nourished to improve productivity and not cause damage to the soil. Gerardo is now able to complete process his beans on his farm and micro mill. He has a patio for the drying of the coffee, to ensure that he can control all steps of the process. In recent years he has processed natural, washed and honey coffees.

  • Light Roast
  • Citrus, Sweet Cherry
  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Fair Trade