Summer Seasonal – Colombia Tolima



Summer is a time for celebrating the sweetness of life and the fruits of your labor.  Sourced from the 54 member SURCAFES Producer Association in Southern Tolima, Colombia, this offering is the perfect summer treat. These beans make a cup that is sweet, juicy and well balanced.

Net weight 16oz (One Full Pound!) 

  • •Las Hermosas, Tolima, Colombia
  • •Altitude: 1550m – 1800m
  • •Varietal:  Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia
  • •Process: Fully washed, sun dried
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•Light Roast Seasonal

•Bright and juicy, notes of sweet milk chocolate and marzipan

•Certified Organic and Fair Trade

•Net Weight 16oz (One Full Pound!)

Tasting Notes

Juicy and bright, with flavors of cherry cola and vanilla

Meet The Farmers


The association has been selling coffee, differentiated by high cup quality, for several years and started their certification in organic and rainforest process guided by Lohas Beans. Due to government restrictions regarding chemical fertilizers in most of the zone that includes this association, producers have developed knowledge and technical abilities to produce organic fertilizers on their farms, which made it easier to achieve certification.

The park is bound by the Magdalena River and Cauca River. Its elevation ranges from 1,600 m (5,200 ft) to 4,400 m (14,400 ft) above mean sea level. The area has a canyon, formed by the surrounding rivers, but it is hard to access. It is of historical importance as it was one of the most defended areas by the indigenous Pijao peoples against the Spanish Conquistadors.


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