Winter Seasonal – Flores Bajawa Ngura

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One of the best things about winter is all the ways you can warm up. This years’s cold-weather seasonal, Flores Bajawa Ngura, is sure to warm the bones and bring life to a chilly day. With notes of warming spices and baked apricots, this coffee is the perfect compliment to Winter menus. The temperature is down. The wind is whipping at your door. Find your warmth here.

Net weight 16oz (One Full Pound!)

  • •Bajawa, Ngada District, Flores, Indonesia
  • •Altitude: 1200-1550m
  • •Varietal: Typica, Catimor, Timor Hybrids
  • •Process: Wet Hulled, Sun Dried


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•Light Roast Seasonal

•Notes Of Brown Sugar, Warming Spices, Apricot

•Certified Organic

•Rainforest Alliance Certified

•Net Weight 16oz (One Full Pound!)


Tasting Notes

Brown Sugar, Warming Spices, Apricot

Meet The Farmers

The island of Flores was first discovered by
the Portuguese in the early 15th century.
The Ngada district is where most coffee is grown,
located on the slopes of the Inerie Volcano. Within
Ngada, coffee is grown on an estimated 6000
hectares of which 90% is Arabica coffee. Coffee
tree varieties include a high percentage of S795
Flores, Typica, Catimor and Timor hybrids with
shade trees such as Bamboo and Juria varietal.
All coffee is grown and processed by a cooperative
organized by the farmers. There are now 12
different coops in Bajawa all working together,
to produce wonderful coffee with smooth body
and overwhelming, syrupy chocolate flavors.

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